The Results Are In!

I have been keeping a secret and I can finally tell the world! I have been slowly transforming myself over the past 12 weeks and today marks the last day of my first round of One3one. What is One3one you ask? I can’t wait to tell you!

But first, let me tell you what One3one is not. It is not a diet! It is not an exercise plan. It is not the same old tired methodology that hasn’t been working for the masses. Um, hello? According to Medical News Today, the world wide obesity rate in adults has increased by 27.5% over the last 33 years. What’s worse is that the obesity rate in children has increased by 47.1%. THIS IS NOT OK! Clearly, the traditional approach to weight management DOESN’T WORK, and it was high time for someone brave enough to come along and shake up the entire weight loss industry. That person is Chalene Johnson and she is my hero!

By completing my first round of One3one, I learned why despite living an active lifestyle and eating a pretty clean diet, I wasn’t losing weight. I finally understand my body and how I can give it what it needs while still really enjoying food, and it was One3one that showed me the way. Unfortunately, I can’t share with you all the details of the program because there are laws about that (ie – plagiarism) but what I can share with you is my journey through round 2, which starts tomorrow.


In total, throughout the 12 week program, I lost 21lbs. I also lost 4″ off my waist and at least 1-2″ off of everything else! This isn’t really about a physical transformation though. It’s about so much more. It’s about how good I feel on the inside, reflecting on the outside. It’s about knowing that I’m looking after my one and only body in the best way I can and it’s about feeling invincible when it comes to being in control of myself!

So what I really think you should do is click one of the 1000 One3one hyperlinks on this page, and sign up to start your own program. I am not affiliated with them in any way (but would love to be…Chalene, if you’re there, call me!!) and receive no compensation for these posts. I’m doing this purely because I feel so strongly that this is the future of weight loss and transformation, I just want to share it with the entire world!

If you’re one of those people who needs to watch someone else go first, then that’s fine. Check back in daily for updates on how things are going in my second round. I’m looking forward to sharing everything I’m learning, killer recipes I come up with, and so much more.

Stay tuned!

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