What I Eat In a Day – Prep Week

Copy of Wake up Wednesday.

During this week, there are no real restrictions to what I’m eating except for the obvious: eliminate the big offenders. These include foods you know are inflammatory: sugar, processed foods, and anything you know doesn’t work for you. For some people that’s dairy and gluten but through my first round of One3one, I learned that I can tolerate these things just fine.

First up is my favorite homemade breakfast sandwich. A toasted whole wheat english muffin (dry), one strip of nitrate free, hormone free bacon, one free-range, organic egg cooked in the bacon fat, and a handful of organic spinach. Could there be a better way to start the day?


Next up is my biggest vice. It’s my morning ritual and I don’t really want to give it up. I used to have two pumps of vanilla syrup added but broke that habit in round one…baby steps with this one.


I’m usually really good about preparing my lunch the day before and not eating out but in order for me to maximize my after-work time, I had to run errands at lunch today. This BLT salad is my go to when I need to grab something quickly and the jalapeno ranch dressing was a nice treat (I normally make my own oil and vinegar vinaigrette).


After work, there was enough daylight for an outdoor workout. These evenings feed my soul.


Finally, it was dinner time but I felt very uninspired for dinner tonight (not like me at all). I had all the ingredients to make breakfast for dinner! NOTE: I ate a lot more potatoes not pictured.


So there you have it! No crazy recipes. Just good quality whole foods!

When you feel uninspired for dinner, what is your go-to meal?

Wake Up Wednesday: Weight Loss Resistance

Each week, the Wake Up Wednesday post will feature something I have learned that challenges the standard weight loss paradigm: eat less, move more. This post is very special to me because it discusses the catalyst that sparked my journey.

Have you ever really committed yourself to trimming down only to find the scale will not budge? Have you ever resigned yourself to the fact that you were just meant to be this size?

That’s how I felt. I was active. I ate a pretty healthy diet and I thought I had just reached my body’s natural happy place. I was resigned to having a body that carried excess body fat. I thought it was out of my control.

It wasn’t until I listened to a two part podcast (Here are the links to¬†Part 1 and Part 2.) that I really started to open my eyes to what could potentially be going on.

I strongly encourage you to listen to the podcasts because they are mind blowing! I also stripped out a lot of the information to make it easily digestible (pun 100% intended), but if you’re not a super nerd like me and you just want me to give you the goods, here is the highlight reel of part 1:

  • Our gut is the largest surface area in the body made up of 1 trillion cells. The membrane of the gut is only one cell thick.
  • These cells are held together like velcro.
  • The term gut intelligence refers to the fact that this membrane decides what particles are allowed into our bodies and which ones need to be kept out. The actual intelligence of the gut lies in the velcro and not the cells that make the membrane.
  • If this velcro becomes damaged or disrupted, our gut intelligence drops and particles that shouldn’t be allowed into our bodies pass through the membrane. This is also referred to as Leaky Gut.
  • These particles that shouldn’t be in the body cause an immune response which over time can lead to chronic inflammation in our bodies.
  • Chronic inflammation in our bodies leads to hormone disruption.
  • Given that hormones manage our weight for us, disrupted hormones can mean weight loss resistance.

Are you still with me? Ok, here’s the part that freaked me out.

  • In 1976, Round Up, the weed killer, was introduced to our food chain.
  • The toxins in Round Up block the ability of enzymes in the plant, soil and bacteria from making the nutrients in your food that actually treat disease. These are called alkaloids (ie – anti-asthma compounds, anti-diabetic compounds, anti-cancer compounds, anti-depressant compounds etc ). The long term effect of this is that we are now using pharmaceuticals in the place of nutrients in our food.
  • Round Up not only reduces the nutrients in our food, but acts as an antibiotic, killing the bacteria in our gut. Without bacteria in our gut, the velcro begins to break down and our guts start to leak thus causing inflammation, hormone disruption, and weight loss resistance.
  • Round Up is water soluble and this means it is EVERYWHERE. It’s in the air we breath, in the water we drink and in the food we eat. Even if you lived on your own land and grew all of your own organic food, it is likely that the toxic effects of Round Up would be present in your body.

And then my head almost exploded.

In a weird way, this was comforting to me. It was a realization like, “you mean it’s not my fault I’m fat?” but at the same time, I was absolutely horrified! Horrified because why doesn’t everyone know about this? And why isn’t anyone trying to reverse these effects? And then I was even more horrified because the answer is very clear: because the pharmaceutical companies don’t want us to know.

It explains so much. It explains why as a society, as we become more and more advanced technologically, we become a sicker and sicker population. It explains why obesity is now an epidemic and why the next generation is the first generation to have an expected life span that is shorter than the generation before it. It explains why the harder I tried to diet and exercise the fat off my body, the more persistent it became.

If you think this is all BS then I challenge you to do your own research and if you decide to do your own research take note of who funded the study (ie – was it a pharmaceutical company?) and how long ago it was conducted.

There is good news. You can heal your gut, and this was the first step for me in my journey. Tackling and improving my gut health was the only thing that made a damn bit of difference when it came to the battle of the bulge, and trust me, I tried everything!

Stay tuned for next week’s Wake Up Wednesday post where I will summarize Part 2 of this mind-blowing podcast and discuss some of the things I did to heal my gut and lose weight once and for all!

In the meantime, I created this handy infographic for you because talking about your guts is fun and we need to shout this from the roof tops!

Copy of Your guide to gut health


Why Am I Here?

Yesterday I posted a side by side photo on my social media (Insta: @therunaweighgourmet) and I was completely overwhelmed by the response it got on Instagram and my personal Facebook page.

Everyone wanted to know what my “secret” is…well I’m telling you it was One3one but the other part of me really wants to say, “there is no secret!”

The truth is, everyone has the ability to transform their life and become the person they want to be but for some reason we get stuck being the person we don’t want to be. We think we are powerless to change and that there must be some secret that people who do manage to transform know that we don’t. But there is no secret. If you don’t like something about your life then change it. It’s simultaneously that simple and virtually impossible to do and the reason why I’m here is to help you see that.

I want to know. What is one thing about your life you would change if you could tomorrow and what’s stopping you from changing it?

Let’s Set Some Goals, Shall We?

For my first round of One3one, I was mostly concerned about the scale because I had a trip to Cuba coming up. This time around, I don’t really care about how much weight I lose, (although another 10lbs would be kind of cool). This time around, I really want to focus on my fitness and so my main goal is fitness related instead of weight related.

So here it is: by the end of this 12 week cycle, I will run a sub-30 min 5k. Running has been a part of my life for 10 years now, but I’ve never really committed myself to getting better at it per se. It was always just about conquering the distance. A good 5K for me pre-weight loss would be about 32:30 so shaving 2 minutes and 31 seconds off my time should be doable with a little focus and dedication. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself right now. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Part of the One3one process is to complete an initial assessment at the beginning of each round. As I reviewed the key components of my life, I was blown away with how much things have changed. Improvements include but are not limited to:

  • Sleep quality: falling asleep so much more easily and sleeping through the night. I used to be the worst waker-upper ever (<– technical term) and while I’m not bouncing out of bed every morning, I’m also not hitting the snooze button 15 times (not exaggerating)
  • Mental Clarity and Focus: Gone are the days of the afternoon fog. I can power through any work day easy peasy.
  • Skin: I no longer need the beauty filter on my selfie camera and actually to be honest, I stopped wearing make up…a little tinted moisturizer and translucent powder and I’m good to go!
  • Cravings: Gone! One3one helped me understand why we have cravings and how to eliminate them.
  • Mood: Sickeningly happy most of the time ‘cuz life is still gonna life you from time to time.


The Results Are In!

I have been keeping a secret and I can finally tell the world! I have been slowly transforming myself over the past 12 weeks and today marks the last day of my first round of One3one. What is One3one you ask? I can’t wait to tell you!

But first, let me tell you what One3one is not. It is not a diet! It is not an exercise plan. It is not the same old tired methodology that hasn’t been working for the masses. Um, hello? According to Medical News Today, the world wide obesity rate in adults has increased by 27.5% over the last 33 years. What’s worse is that the obesity rate in children has increased by 47.1%. THIS IS NOT OK! Clearly, the traditional approach to weight management DOESN’T WORK, and it was high time for someone brave enough to come along and shake up the entire weight loss industry. That person is Chalene Johnson and she is my hero!

By completing my first round of One3one, I learned why despite living an active lifestyle and eating a pretty clean diet, I wasn’t losing weight. I finally understand my body and how I can give it what it needs while still really enjoying food, and it was One3one that showed me the way. Unfortunately, I can’t share with you all the details of the program because there are laws about that (ie – plagiarism) but what I can share with you is my journey through round 2, which starts tomorrow.


In total, throughout the 12 week program, I lost 21lbs. I also lost 4″ off my waist and at least 1-2″ off of everything else! This isn’t really about a physical transformation though. It’s about so much more. It’s about how good I feel on the inside, reflecting on the outside. It’s about knowing that I’m looking after my one and only body in the best way I can and it’s about feeling invincible when it comes to being in control of myself!

So what I really think you should do is click one of the 1000 One3one hyperlinks on this page, and sign up to start your own program. I am not affiliated with them in any way (but would love to be…Chalene, if you’re there, call me!!) and receive no compensation for these posts. I’m doing this purely because I feel so strongly that this is the future of weight loss and transformation, I just want to share it with the entire world!

If you’re one of those people who needs to watch someone else go first, then that’s fine. Check back in daily for updates on how things are going in my second round. I’m looking forward to sharing everything I’m learning, killer recipes I come up with, and so much more.

Stay tuned!